Spread the Spectrum Word!

Hello, you lovely people!

Not only am I [finally] publishing another post here on Helping Harmonies, but I am also writing with the intention to share some AWESOME news!

In previous posts, I alluded to some changes within my business, perhaps even mentioning a “partnership.” Well, the curtain of secrecy has been tossed by the wayside, and I have… DETAILS! (Finally, right?!)

I am proud to announce my arrival into the realm of company ownership with the establishment of Spectrum Creative Arts, LLC! Spectrum is the product of a partnership between Megan Resig of Rochester Music Therapy Services, and Wade Richards of Time for Music, and myself, and we could not be more excited!


Spectrum Creative Arts, LLC was created out of a shared desire to provide creative arts services to the community in a clinic setting. Spectrum’s concept initially incorporated music therapy as the primary service modality, being that its creators are music therapists. However, with the combination of our personalities, [fantastically] wild imaginations, and insatiable passion for the arts, that vision was bound to change… and indeed, it has. The product of our unique attributes and skill sets has resulted in the creation of a center that proudly offers members of the Rochester, New York community high quality music therapy, music instruction, art therapy, and art instruction services.

Now, I could go on and on and… on about Spectrum, if given the chance. In the interest of utilizing everyone’s time most effectively, I will leave you with our web address and numerous social media affiliations. My hope is that you will visit Spectrum’s beautiful website (thank you, Megan!) and feel the passion that we have instilled in the construction of Spectrum radiate throughout your mind and body. Or, you can peruse the website and share your thoughts! Whichever works best for you.

Website:               www.spectrumcreativearts.org

Facebook:             Spectrum Creative Arts

Twitter:                 SpectrumArtsLLC

YouTube:             SpectrumArtsLLC

Pinterest:             SpectrumArtsLLC

Google+:              Spectrum Creative Arts, LLC


Happy website surfing to you, and a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to share in our wonderful news.


All the best,



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