It’s a New Year… 2013!

Wow – 2013 is already here. How did that happen?! I could have sworn New Year’s Eve 2012 was just a few days ago… But looking back, I guess a year really has gone by!

Let’s see: I signed the paperwork and officially “opened” my small music therapy DBA in October 2011, started working 1-2 days a week in one school district, launched a music therapy resource blog, bought my first car, joined the music therapy social media world (Why hello, dearest Twitter), appeared in a local newspaper for accompanying clients in their school talent show (Woohoo!!!), acquired a second school district contract, worked 3.5 packed days a week……. and that brings us right up to the present. Holy mackerel!

I am proud to share that life in January 2013 and beyond will continue to be busy, busy, busy – just the way I like it. Presently, I am in the process of joining forces with another local music therapist to create, co-own, and operate a PLLC (professional limited liability company) offering music therapy and creative arts services to the Rochester community. We are currently working through the exhilarating paperwork phase of the process, as New York State boasts quite a few laws / rules & regulations for professionals in our line of work, but are incredibly excited to begin this huge professional venture together.

Who is this other therapist?

What will your company be called?

Check back soon for those details and more! I can’t wait to share them with you!! In the meantime, stay happy and healthy!


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