On the Horizon…

Good afternoon, readers!

Today, I had – what some may call – a “revelation.” A situation I recently encountered got me to thinking about the importance of advocacy through education in the field of Music Therapy. I think, or rather KNOW that there is still so much more that I can do to advance the field of music therapy… exchanging information casually over the phone and relaying numbers or statistics in impromptu conversations can only get “us” so far. As music therapists, we need to be initiating more in-services/public speaking opportunities for persons/professionals in related AND non-related fields alike to increase awareness about the work that we do.

I am really inspired by the importance of this cause… so much so that I would like to formally create an advocacy group that seeks to bring about change through education. I have put the word out to music therapists in the Rochester area via social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter), and am hoping to hear back from some fellow therapists soon!

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In other news, I am very pleased to share with you that Helping Harmonies has gained another school contract in the Wayne County area of upstate NY. I have really enjoyed working with my school kiddos over the past year, and I am elated to meet my new talented and wonderful students in this new school! Cheers to more music making! 🙂

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Helping Harmonies is also in the process of creating “extra-curricular”-type programming outside of the school setting for children and adults in the Wayne County area. This is a collaborative effort with great friends and fellow therapists in the Rochester area. Stay tuned for more details!