Spotlight: Music Therapy on the Big Screen

A movie about music therapy? …What?

Released in 2011, The Music Never Stopped tells a story about a man who tries to reconnect with his son following the removal of a brain tumor that has subsequently effected his memories, ability to differentiate between past and present, and ability to communicate. I’m currently in a frenzy to locate a rental copy of this film myself, seeing how the story is based off of esteemed British neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks’ case study called “The Last Hippie.” I had the chance to hear Dr. Sacks speak at Harvard during my time as an undergrad at Berklee, and it was so inspiring… so much so that I left his seminar, bought a copy of his book “Musicophelia,” and read it in less than 24 hours. The field of music therapy is in a state of perpetual encouragement for the acquisition of allies — particularly those in the sphere of medicine — so we, as professionals, are grateful for Dr. Sacks in more ways than one! 

Based on the ratings it received on IMDB, and the fact that I personally find IMDB to be a reliable rating source, I’d say The Music Never Stopped is worth taking a couple hours out of your night off to watch. If you have already seen this movie, or know where I can rent it (before buying it, which will obviously happen at some point), let me know!


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